Xandrien Thiel  MRBS

Amsterdam 1947

I grew up in Amsterdam in a wonderful period. In the  Sixties important new artists from all over the world had shows in Amsterdam. I absorbed a lot of music and visual art during that time.
Originally I studied language and drama. I was a teacher from 1976-1982.
From 1981 -1984 I was part of a theater group, where we designed our own scenery, wrote our own lyrics and music.
It was there that I found out that the visual arts were my real passion.
I studied art in Utrecht from 1984-1988 and started my own art practice in Drenthe, a rural part of the Netherlands.

In 2009 I moved to England. In 2013 I had to move back to the Netherlands. My time in England was a very inspiring period.

From October 2013 I live and work in Friesland, The Netherlands.